Catch The Fairy: Princess Girl




    Enter the enchanted world of the Princess fairies. You will be visiting fantastic locations such as magical forests, big flower fields, a magic lake, a wonderful castle like the one you find in the fairy tales etc. Due to an evil spell the fairies have begun to multiply to infinity, to the point that they do not fit in their own world anymore.
    Your target is to prevent that the fairies are expelled from their fascinating world.
    In order to break the spell and prevent the fairies from falling out of the glowing boundaries of their magical world, you have to tap on those having the same color. It is basically a match 3 game. The difference is that you will have to be very quick in finding the combinations as you do not have just the time running against you, but also the fairies that will not fit within the borders if you are too slow.
    If more than three fairies should fall out, you lose. Every right match will make the tiny fairies disappear in sparkling flowers.
    As you get on with the levels you will encounter new shiny obstacles that are going to restrict the available space for the fairies like: squares, rays, explosions and circles.
    Try to master all the levels of this smashing casual game and sharpen your skills.


    Match 3 or more identical Fairies
    Colorful graphics and smooth animations
    Tons of sparkling special effects
    Cool sounds and ambient music
    15 levels to play
    Maximum points reachable with one move: 500
    Combos with multiplier factors
    In order to get a combo you need to match up at least 3 fairies and then repeat the same action:
    3 x 3 x 3 x….. 4 x 4 x 4 x…... 5 x 5 x 5 x …..etc.
    Super blast fairy: Blue fairy with special powers that helps you clean part of the screen from the other fairies

    Useful advice: You need to match at least 3 fairies to get points, if you touch just 2 of them they will disappear and empty the space they occupied before, but without giving you any points.

    Warning: If you touch in a place where no matching fairies are, you will lose 50 points.
    This free application is a real jewel among the match 3 games! Play it every time you wish to kill some time!

    If you like the app please rate it with five stars. Thank you.

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