Tired of forgetting your friend's recommendations?

    With Catchy this will never happen!

    Catchy allows you to recommend movies, series, books and music with your friends. You will also know if your interests are similar and you will be able track what you've seen and what not.

    Catchy is just that, films, series, books, or album recommendations.

    Share all this with your contacts in twitter, facebook, google plus...

    With Catchy you can:

    1. Add your friend's recommendations
    2. Rate these recommendations
    3. See the recommendations that you have not been seen, read or heard
    4. Share your own recommendations

    Catchy is integrated with the following services:

    - The Movie Database:‎
    - MusicBrainz:‎
    - CoverArtArchive:
    - Google Books:‎

    Catchy is a project which aims to be simple, intuitive, easy and useful. That is why we love your suggestions!

    This application contains advertising, in future versions you will be able to remove such advertising if purchasing a special version (in-app payment).

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