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    The App makes it easy for people to discover and locate charitable organizations in the Central Oregon area, make donations to them, and store and retrieve detailed records at tax time.

    Register for the service either through the App or portal which is accessible from Then as you gather items to donate, enter each item into the COC Donation App (Internet connection required). As you enter information about each item, it is automatically saved and will be listed on the Donation File page under the “Donation Files” header.

    When you arrive at a partner charities' donation site, provide the Donation Attendant with your Donation File Number(s) or your Mobile Phone number. The Donation Attendant will confirm the donation. The Donation File is then locked creating a “digital receipt” conforming to IRS requirements for documentation of donated items.

    The use of the COC Donation App requires an Internet connection.

    Try it out! Tell us what you think. We appreciate your feedback which you may send to