It is an application where only halal certified products are included. You scan the bar code of the product you want to buy from your camera and get information about the product's halal certificate status. But if that product is in the system. If not, you can send us information about the product from the application and get information about the product status. If it is a halal certificate, we add that product to our system. We absolutely keep you informed.

    There are products that are not on the system when they are Halal certified. Unfortunately, each company does not share product information with us. Your support for this is very important to us. Please send us products that you know are "halal certified" and are not on the system.

    Most of the products on the market are not halal certified, unfortunately. This is why our practice is already gaining importance. Also, the certificate of a product that was halal certified yesterday may have been canceled today. Or the certificate may not be renewed. Or new products may be certified. So the halal certified product world is constantly changing. In addition, there is no such thing as a brand's entire products being certified. You will be able to follow all of these easily through our application.

    We expect comments and star support.


    *** NOTE 1:
    The program has Turkish, German, Arabic, Azerbaijani, French, English and Russian language support. It does not need an external barcode scanner. It does not need internete for barcode control.

    Our application is not affected by power outages (server access interrupts), such as other applications in our category. You can use your device for as long as the battery is available.

    *** NOTE 2: Bar code scanning speed is too high in environments with sufficient light. But if you can not perform the scan or if it takes a long time, either the barcode is too thin or the light in the environment is insufficient. In this case, if your device has a camera light, you can open it from the scan screen. Be careful not to shine because of the camera beam of the product package. Turn the packaging or your device slightly for this.

    If you can not scan anyway, enter the barcode manually.

    *** NOTE 3: If you do not see CepteHelal when you enter the Google Play Store, the program is not compatible with your phone. Your device may not be suitable if it does not meet your Android version, or if your camera does not have auto focus.

    *** NOTE 4: Make sure that your device has auto focus (auto focus) feature. You may not be able to scan successfully on devices without this feature. In such a case you can only get results by entering barcodes manually from the screen.

    *** WARNING:
    1. If your program appears to be up-to-date when a new update is available, then check My Applications - All.
    2. There are more than 4,400 products in our application. Otherwise, when you scan a product "Our database does not have this product HELAL Certificate !!!" you will receive your message. It's really hard to get product information from companies. Please do not be surprised when you receive such a message for a product that you know is Halal Certified. We ask you to contact the firm that owns the product and ask why it is not in CepteHelal. Companies that share product information with us can follow up at "".

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