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    Christmas Craft: Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

    “Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store.”

    Christmas ornaments made from ordinary pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very pretty and easy to make. They look impressive and are easy for small children to make. You can use this Christmas craft idea again and again. This Christmas craft is an enjoyable project for older people which can be varied to make a number of different sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree.


    **What are Christmas Craft?

    **Why we use Ornaments on Christmas?

    **Importance of Christmas Craft.

    **Get Christmas craft Bead and pipe cleaner ornaments

    ** Making Your Own Christmas Ornaments

    **Wire Ornaments.

    Take some craft wire and shape it into traditional Christmas shapes, the tree, the wreath, the candy cane, angels and more. String large beads such as pony beads on the wires and hang with string.

    **Bead Garland.
    To make a pretty string of bead garland you will need some holiday yarn and sparky pony beads. String the pony beads on the yarn. Tie a knot in between each bead to prevent them from all falling off. You can string them one after another, or space them apart. You can do the string a solid color, or a pattern of Christmas colors.

    **Crochet Yarn Garland.
    Even if you don't know how to crochet you can make loose weave yarn garland. Take several colors of yarn that go well together and do a simple chain. Make sure you use a large hook, its often easiest to do this by hand.

    **Felt Ornaments.
    You can make ornaments out of felt by cutting out the shapes. You can sew or glue decorations such as pom poms and sequence on them for a bit of added posh. You can buy all sorts of colored felt including sparkly pieces at craft stores. You can make the traditional Christmas characters.

    Go back to basics and make paper snowflakes. I use construction paper and copy paper. Fold in hand and in half again. Then cut a snowflake shape out of the paper. To decorate cut diamonds, triangles, rectangles and other shapes from the folded edge. They can be hung from the tree, in rows or from the ceiling.

    **Paper Trains.
    Cut strips of colored paper in to strips. One inch wide and 6 inches long. Make a loop and glue it closed. Take a second strip and interlock it with the first making a chain. Glue or tape closed.

    **Personalized Ornaments.
    Buy some clear ornaments from the store. Collect pictures of children and family members and cut small enough ti fit inside the ornament. Using a toothpick push the picture inside the ornament to create a personalized decoration. You can also put pictures of pets, holiday icons like Santa and frosty, and places you have been or want to go as ideas.

    **Clothespin Creations
    This could be an ornament or a decoration. Find clothespins, either old fashioned clothespins, or the newer ones with springs. Using felt, pom poms, sequence, and beads you can create many different Christmas characters like Santa, Frosty, Reindeer, and gingerbread men. Use paint to define your decoration and add pizazz to it.

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