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    Find the best used car! Browse the widest choice of used vehicles information of used cars from all over Japan!
    Search for Japanese brands such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and even overseas brands such as Mercedies Benz and BMW, to find your perfect match of used cars.

    *** Useful functions ***

    -Specific search criteria;
    ・Running Distance
    and more!

    -Cost estimation is free
    Look for the best car and best price
    from your device anytime!

    -Free keyword search
    Filter search results based on your own preferences !
    If you already have a certain car or condition in mind, then just enter a free keyword !

    -Brand name search
    Search cars from wide variety of brands.

    -Make and model search
    Search from huge range of makes and models! You can also search from ""Favorite Body Types.""

    -Refine your search!
    Filter search results with as follows;
    ・Type of models
    ・Model year
    ・body types

    Save favorite search results.
    Once saved, you can check them anytimet.
    Also, the simple UI will save your searching time.

    (Japanese Only)

    -Recommended OS version.-
    Over Android2.1

    -Recommended devices.-
    GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D(Android4.0)・IS12SH AQUOS PHONE(Android2.3)・IS11SH AQUOS PHONE(Android2.3)・IS04 REGZA Phone(Android2.1)・IS05(Android2.2)・IS11S(Android2.3)・IS11T REGZA Phone(Android2.3)・X06HT Desire(Android2.1)・SC-02B GALAXY S(Android2.3)・SO-03C Xperia ray(Android2.3)・SH-13C AQUOS PHONE(Android2.3)・003SH GALAPAGOS(Android2.2)・IS03(Android2.1)・IS06 SIRIUSα(Android2.2)・003P Sweety(Android2.3)・003Z Libero(Android2.2)・IS11CA GzOne(Android2.3)・005SH GALAPAGOS(Android2.2)・N-04C MEDIAS(Android2.3)・N-06C MEDIAS WP(Android2.3)・SC-02C GALAXY S Ⅱ(Android2.3)

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