Cigarette Counter




    How many cigarettes have you smoke a single day? How about a week, a month? You might not remember all these numbers, but this app could help you with this.

    1. It is not healthy. Keep away from cigarettes.
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    3. For adults only!
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    Record the how many cigarettes you smoke every day.
    Calculate the weekly and monthly cigarettes average for you.
    Add today¡¯s cigarette number.

    1. It shows to you the data of today cigarette numbers, weekly and monthly average. If you want to stop smoking, here is the date when you have stopped smoking.
    2. Add a cigarette by clicking cigarette +1, and you can choose add cigarette option to do some advanced settings, such as the date and time, add the cigarette numbers, from 1 to 5. Click the add cigarette to finish this settings.
    3. Stats. This section consists of weekly stats and monthly stats, in chart format. The weekly stats contains the number of total cigarettes, average per day and so on. The chart format includes weekly detail and 6 weeks history. Familiar to the weekly stats, the chart format of monthly has details for the current month and the cost of the past six months.

    And now, Cigarette Counter is yours. Take it freely! Although smoking cigarettes might help us to relax, it is bad for your health.