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    ClevaTime is the application that allows you to improve your time management to always be on time without forgetting anything.

    You can not stand to arrive chronically late for work or your appointment.
    You are weary to improve your organization, you probably need a little boost.
    Indeed, we all need help to give the best of ourselves. Athletes have coaches, soldiers have chiefs, rally drivers have copilots. Clevatime play this role for you. It will guide you to better manage your time.

    To do this, simply create a session bringing together all of your actions to perform.
    For example, you have to get to work on time every morning, knowing that you do every day the same things.
    Prepare a new session and name it "work morning."
    Add it actions such as "preparing breakfast", "eat breakfast", "shower", "dress", ... For every action, set a time. You will then know how long it takes for you to prepare and leave your home.
    Determine then your wake up time.
    When your alarm rings, turn on ClevaTime then start your session. You will then have to execute what ClevaTime says (he will give the names of actions).
    Keep the rythm, it's worth every penny.
    The first few days, do not hesitate to adjust the duration of certain actions or to divide an action into several actions. In fact, the more precise action is, the less likely you are to drift over time.
    For instance, an action "prepare" may be less effective than the set of actions "brushing", "shower", "shave" and "dress".
    Your time management will improve day by day.
    Eventually, once you have acquired your new automation, you'll even be able to act without ClevaTime