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    CO2 Emission Calculator

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    This app allows you to calculate the number trees you need to plant based on the amount of carbon dioxide emission. The following inputs are taken:
    1. Usage of Small car in terms of (kilometers per month)
    2. Usage of Medium car in terms of (kilometers per month)
    3. Usage of SUV in terms of (kilometers per month)
    4. Electricity usage in terms of (kWh per year)
    5. Air travel in terms of (kilometers per year)
    6. Train travel in terms of (kilometers per year)
    7. General food consumption (no. of members in your family)
    8. No. of meat consumers in your family.

    On the basis of these inputs, the app calculates your carbon dioxide emission (in tons) anually and monthly and number of trees that you need to plant to compensate for this emission. Thus giving back to the enrionment what you have taken from it and helping you to protect the environment to make it a better place for you and others to live in.


    Trees are like the lungs of the planet. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife.

    Planting trees in your neighborhood really is one of the best things you can do for the local environment and for the planet. It’s no secret that trees help the environment, but you may be surprised by all the benefits that planting trees can provide. Besides producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air, trees have many other social, economic, and environmental benefits.

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