Cocktails Made Easy

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    Cocktails Made Easy is a new title from the people behind 'DiffordsGuide' - one of the most complete and authoritative cocktail publications available.

    Using just 14 readily available key ingredients you can make over 500 cocktails.

    Use our unique cocktail cabinet to search for cocktails based on what liquor you actually have at home.

    The step-by-step guide makes them simple to make and great to drink.

    Cocktails Made Easy will demystify the art of cocktail making and includes classic and contemporary recipes from some of the world's best cocktails bars.

    Our beautiful 'Cocktail of the Day' widget will give you something different to try each day. Due to the app having widgets please install to device. Installing to SD card may mean your widgets will not load.

    - 500+ Cocktails
    - Beautiful 'Cocktail of the Day' widget
    - Full Scren Photography
    - All Rated by Simon Difford
    - Add Your Own Rating
    - Create Favorite Lists
    - Interactive Cabinet
    - Shake For Random Drink
    - EMail Your Friends
    - Operates Offline
    - Loads More Features

    Grazia Magazine
    "500 easy-to-make drinks. A choc-mint-liqueur free zone. Bottoms up!"

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