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    Manage your collection of books, music CDs, and more! With Collectionista you can add items by scanning their barcodes or by entering details manually. You can organize them into collections you maintain yourself.

    ALPHA version. This application is currently in a private alpha testing stage. This market entry let's you get access anyway and donate the specified amount to the developer.

    Designed as a general Android app to keep hold of any collections, Collectionista aims to fit in with the system and other apps, natively. Emphasis is on a beautiful presentation and a sound user experience. Examples are the book and CD covers that are automatically fetched off the internet, but which you can also change if you want to.

    Each collection has some special actions for its items. An example is linking a CD to a playlist in your music player.

    The goal is to become a manager of not only these typical media collections, but also of classic collectibles or even plain day-to-day items. Expect new ones to be added in the future.

    Collectionista integrates well on a broad range of devices and platform versions, including phones with small screens and full-size tablets.

    • Create collections for books and CDs. As well as a generic collection for any other miscellaneous items. Create as many collections and name them as you want.
    • Add items to a collection, such as books, music CDs or generic items. An item can hold a lot of related information.
    • A collection is presented naturally, for instance in the form of a shelf with books on it.
    • Use barcode scanning to add an item, using information downloaded from online databases.
    • Online databases used are currently: Google Books and Discogs.
    • Track when you created and last modified items.
    • Covers are displayed and downloaded. They can be exchanged for images from your Gallery or elsewhere from your device. Also, back covers are shown.
    • Rate your items.
    • Mark whether you have read a book.
    • Share an item title via a generated barcode. Easy to exchange with another phone.
    • Long lists of items scroll fast and covers are only shown when they become visible. This keeps memory usage low.
    • Covers are updated from the internet periodically and automatically (except if you chose the cover).
    • App can be installed on SDcard. Your database is kept internally however, in accordance with the Android specification. A cache of cover images etc. on the other hand is kept on the SDcard. We make sure to follow the Android specification in choosing the location of this folder on your SDcard.
    • You will be notified by the Market as well as the app when an update is available.
    • A purple ActionBar at the top let's you easily navigate, perform common actions, and find your way back home.
    • The workflow mimics the native workflow of Android apps. I.e. your data is always saved, unless you cancel, discard, or revert, even if you briefly switch to another application.
    • We apply an extensive test suite before releasing new versions to prevent common problems/errors reappearing. While never 100% effective, this allows us to guarantee a certain level of quality eventually.
    • All control and input methods are supported: touch, joyball, joystick, point-and-click, 4-way buttons, hardware keyboard, virtual keyboards, ... Any language input. Both portrait and landscape mode, and screen rotations.

    This app is open-source. Any contributions are welcome and sincerely appreciated.

    NOTE: While there is active support during the alpha phase, many basic functions may not work correctly. Also, your DATA is currently NOT saved in between version updates.

    Please rate this app, and when you do, please rate only the functionality currently available and your experience in using the app. New functionality is added all the time, no need to request it.

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