Color Therapy




    Color therapy, also called chromo therapy, is a theory that says that you can influence the way you feel by using colors. It is done by watching different colors, wearing clothes with different colors or meditating on your color for the day. If you feel intuitive or have a strong feeling for a color, use the choose function to view the properties of that color, you can also browse the colors from here.
    Use the Fate option to allow chance to select a color for you. Once you have found your color all you need do is bring it into your day. Wear it as a piece of clothing or an accessory where you are reminded frequently of the color. Or you could keep a note in your diary or place an item on your desk at work or in your home that will remind you of your special color. By keeping a reminder of the color in your mind this will allow the vibrations of the color to change and influence your life in a great and wholly good perspective, allowing you to maintain balance in your life.

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