ColorFind Pro

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    ColorFind Pro turns colors into simple human-readable text, especially intended for those with color-vision challenges: red-green or blue-yellow color blindness. Using the app is simple: just point the camera at an object and the color displays instantly in real-time at the top of the screen.
    The color text is in deliberately basic categories like green and red, rather than complicated color names. At GoldenShores Technologies, we are committed to the ongoing dream of color assistance through technology. Color identification is a complex problem, as the human brain automatically performs many transformations based on lighting, shading, and noise rejection. Current mobile-device cameras are primitive, and our approach uses artificial intelligence to augment them.

    Feature List:
    Real-time image processing with live results (no need to push buttons)
    Straightforward color names
    Light Button Feature (for mobile devices with LED flash)
    Mobile Camera Accuracy Compensation
    Auto-Rotation Support (Android 2.2 or greater)

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