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    Control Media Volume are used to set the volume in Amazon video player and other players you download from internet. If there are Amazon video or autio, aVia, Hulu+ and gallery video, VPlayer...on your mobile phone, you need this app to help you. When we listen music with MP3/MP4 player, we also choose exit the player with the sons playing. But when we what to adjust the volume size, we have to enter player again to change them. Now you can do all volume work with Control Media Volume! Just as its name suggest, no matter video volume or audio volume can be controlled by this free app. If you download this app to your mobile phone, your manage to volume will become more conveniently!
    In fact this free app not only can adjust media volume but also boost volume! That is to say, you can enlarge the volume over 100% after your volume button has reached its largest size.
    You just need active this free app and set the swipe bar side, you can control media volume easily! After you active it, you can see a small icon appeared on the top. Slide it down, you can enter directly! That is to say, you need not search the app in long list as long as you active it before!

    1.Totally free app for all people who has an android mobile phone.
    2.You can choose which side to adjust the volume size according to your habits.
    3.It is quick setting and easily to control.
    4.It can control the volume of video player and audio/Mp3 player.
    5.It has a volume little icon on the top of your mobile phone and you can choose to enter this free app directly!
    6. You can boost volume as you like. But please control not damage speakers.
    7. You can set when the notification bar appeared---when active or always.
    8. You can active it in all apps. As long as there is sound in the app, you can control them with this app.
    9. Non-uniform boost or not. It can improve the clarity and quality but maybe decreasing speaker destruction.

    Many functions can be achieved by pressing the menu button of your mobile!
    It may damage your speaker if you choose some special function.

    Please make sure, this app is not active before you uninstall this app or upgrading, or some system resource will be wasted (they can be reclaimed by rebooting your device).

    If you can not uninstall it with former way, please following these steps:
    Press menu button---setting---location and security---select device administrators---unmarked this app
    setting---application---manage application---uninstall it---successfully

    Are you still worry about the video or songs you download has not large enough sound? Have you ever complain you cannot adjust volume size when you exit media player with songs still playing? Now all work can be down with Control Media Volume app. It is a totally free volume setting app! It can help boost origin volume size and manage volume no matter what you are doing! Active in all apps now, you can find its surprise function and make you life more conveniently!
    This free app is ad supported . The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. Please, respect the developer work. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. for uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.