Countdown Counter




    Use this app to countdown the time for your task or work.
    With it in hand, you can always have a clear idea of your time.
    If you have a high sense of time, welcome to download Countdown Counter.

    Countdown Counter enables you to:
    1. Input hours, minutes and seconds;
    2. Then count down for a period.
    Its operation is very simple. You just need to input the countdown time, then click Start timer to begin to countdown the time for you.

    About settings:
    Click Menu>>Preference to customize this countdown tool. In details,
    1. Select the sound that will be played when the timer reaches zero;
    2. Open vibration on alarm;
    3. Open Blink LED on alarm;
    4. Set the time at which this alarm will stop ringing;
    In this way, this countdown tool will work for you according to your need.

    Time is priceless, and valuable.
    All of us should value our time. So we should find good way to improve the efficiency of our time.
    Therefore, we are honored to offer you this app- Countdown Counter.
    With it in hand, you can make the most use of your time with Countdown Counter.

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    About uninstalling:
    You can improve the users experience by delaying the screen timeout duration to one minute. But then you need to deactivate this device administrator in your settings, then to uninstall this app.