Countdown To Zero




    When the number comes to zero, this app will let you know time is up though vibration and sounds. Yes, this app is a countdown alarm. Welcome to download and use this free app!

    Countdown timer
    In the main user interface, you will see the countdown numbers are in large font, how long do you want to countdown? Enter the numbers of hour, minute and second into the blank under the large font countdown timer.
    Click the button on the bottom of the screen to start the countdown timer.
    You also can pause and cancel the current running timer after you have started timer.
    This app will running on the background, so that you can use your cell phone to do something else when you are using the countdown timer. You will see the icon in the notification bar.

    Sound and vibrate for this alarm
    Open the preferences of this app and choose the sound for your countdown alarm. Lots of ringtones are in this app and you can click to preview before setting it as the sound of this alarm.
    Vibration is also supported here. Just check the box and this function will be started successfully.

    Blink LED and color
    Mark the Blink LED on alarm and LED will blink on the alarm. So, why not pick a color for the LED? Here are some popular colors provided, including blue, green, red and magenta and so on.

    Wake screen
    The cell phone screen will be lighten when the alarm ringing by using this function here. Check to open it.

    Alarm timeout
    The alarm ring will stop after this time, one minute, 5 minutes, or 20 minutes?

    Other preferences
    Check it and you will see a persistent status bar icon while timer is running.

    1. This is a FREE app.
    2. Please give this app some support if you like it. You can contact us though email.

    ****How to Uninstall
    Activated applications cannot be uninstalled directly. It requires you to deactivate it first.
    Press the menu button of your cell phone and click on the settings, open the location & security part, deactivate this app in the Device Administration. Unmark to deactivate it.
    Now, you can uninstall this app at anytime and anywhere.

    A countdown is the backward which counting to indicate the remaining time before an event occurs.

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