Crochet Starfish

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    This app tells you how to create your own cute Starfish

    It includes every step of how to crochet your own Starfish. (These are sometimes called Amigurumi.)

    This project is fun and simple to make. They will be great for you to give as presents, or as something unique to brighten up your own home.

    The app contains full instructions plus plenty of photos.

    It also contains tick boxes for every step, so you can record where you are up to. No more losing count of how many rows you've done!

    Also included is a list of the materials and tools that you need for each project, with a picture.

    As well as the steps for these design, there's also general crochet help included:

    * As glossary to explain any crochet terms.

    * Videos for six of the common techniques.

    * A guide to tools needed for crochet.

    The app doesn't have any annoying adverts. There's a gallery page to see the other patterns available.

    There is an option in the app the keep the screen on while you're using it.
    This allows you to keep your phone at your side to remind you of where you're up to. If you use this option then plugging in the phone's power will keep it on indefinitely.

    Download it now!

    (The app also can "install to SD card." If you need space on your phone's memory then this means it doesn't take up any space internally. It doesn't affect how the app works at all.)

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