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    Published: 2014-05-07, by Ana Gracia.

    A new way of protecting your files from everything

    • Useful
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    • Good design
    • Needs a clearer tutorial

    "Let's Crypto-Protect Everything"

    Cryptex is an application that protects your information and secrets using cryptography tricks to keep your device safe.

    The app allows users to create folders in sealed libraries (personal, work, etc), which require a concrete login to enter it. Select your preferred encryption method and other alternatives to passphrases like PIN or patterns.

    In addition, Cryptex also lets you create seals of destruction, which can be useful when wanting to destory libraries or wipe a content folder. Also, the app gives you the chance to protect your files from attempts of unauthorized access by directing them to wrong content or destroying everything important.

    Although the idea is definitely interesting and helpful, app's usability could easily be enhanced, as right now it's kind of hard to get the hang of everything, given that the app requires a clear tutorial to understand how it works.

    Renascienza is the developer of Cryptex Privacy Vault, an interesting tool to maintain your documents private. Inspired by Leonardo daVinci's design. It also works offline!

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 07, 2014


    After a huge test suit, and feedback from our users, we conclude that Cryptex is currently the most secure mobile digital safe in the world.

    From AppZoom: A new way of protecting your files from everything!

    You keep confidential content on your device?

    Almost everyone does it. Banking passwords, credit card numbers, business documents, photos, videos, audio recordings and other types of files containing private data. Think if your device is stolen or lost and stay, even temporarily, in the hands of strangers.

    Tablets and smartphones contain so much of your personal, professional and financial life. Thus, they are easy targets for others to obtain data about you.

    Cryptex is the ultimate digital safe. Do not hand your privacy to cheap products, this can be dangerous. Mostly they do not even encrypt your data, just hide it. An experienced curious could break its safety in minutes! Cryptex, on the other hand, is unbreakable.

    You can keep all passwords of other products and services with you. Keep secret documents, photos and videos in complete safety. The Cryptex safe not only protects your private contents, it hides the fact that they exist!

    Like daVinci's device of same name, you can set that attempts to unauthorized access destroy data at unrecoverable basis. Or the attacker can be misdirected to wrong content. Even if you are accosted and threatened, their secrets will be no compromised.

    With Cryptex, you can finally take a real professional use for your phone, or even keep your sensitive data in hand, without compromising your privacy.


    Very powerful symmetric encryption : ARCFOUR 128/256, Rijndael (AES) 128/256, Serpent 256, Twofish 256, and the powerful Threefish 1024. Cryptex can defeat even professional cryptanalysts with access to wide range of resources.

    Alternative methods for password input: besides passphrases, enjoy the convenience of the dot pattern or a PIN array.

    Without a valid password, Cryptex do not reveal any information about the protected data.

    Exceed the number set to password attempts can drop the application, lock it for a fixed period of time, or even silently destroy all content.

    Passwords are defined separately from the data. Each folder can be protected by a specific password, the same secret can be used in more than one folder.

    You can misdirect an intruder to access fake content ("honeypot"): impossible to be sure of the actual content.

    Possibility to set passwords that destroy data if used.

    Use forensic techniques to render eliminated files unrecoverable.

    Detects sudden movements (such as those occurring when passing the device to another person) and seal any open folders.

    Works 100 % offline, making null the possibility of leakage of your data over any network .

    No need to trust on any other application for data entry: Cryptex has its own keyboard and recorders to audio, video and photography.

    Automatic password generator for use in other products or services.

    Clear interface, nice and discreet, with different ergonomics for tablets and phones .

    Offline user manual.

    Learn more at

    Requested permissions

    Take photos and record videos, record audio: needed for camera and audio recorders. As there is no network connection, it is guaranteed that the media got in the Cryptex will never be sent to anyone.

    Modify or delete content on SD / Test access to protected storage card: necessary for Cryptex can store encrypted data files.

    Control vibration: providing some tactile effects at the interface.

    Cryptex Privacy Vault is totally OFFLINE. No network connections. NO DATA IS COLLECTED ABOUT YOU.

    For feedback, suggestions, bug reports or just find Renascienza community, use the convenience of the "Contact Us" menu in the application or write to

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