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    With this Widget installed in your mobile homescreen you will always have a very nice quote available to be read when you need it.

    There are more than 1500 quotes available that we will update every day in our servers and you do not need to upgrate your application to enjoy of them.

    The application updates the quote of your homescreen every 24 hours to give you a new one, you just need a data connection, WiFi or 3G.

    You can also share the quote with your friends just with one click via sms, facebook, twitter, whatsapp and some other options given by your android phone.

    Enjoy these quotes and keep an eye to the next RYASoftware applications.

    -Version 2-
    Reduced the size of the application.
    New Size!

    -Version 3-
    New type of content added: Sayings
    A new widget size is available: 4x2
    Now you can select your favourite quotes and Sayings and read it and send it when you want from the application
    Settings available: now you can read quotes and saying from other languages and you can choose the content you want to see in the widgets

    More than 20.000 phrases and sayings available in English, Spanish and Russian

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