Daily Tarot of Marseille




    Finally a different tarot which makes the synthesis between two cards by taking into account their order and delivers you very detailed oracle in each of the aspects of the life i.e.: You, the work, the material, the love affairs, and a message which is specially intended for you. Until now, the applications of tarot offered only a description of every cards.

    Although you can see the description of every cards individually, you also have a synthesis, an interpretation combining two cards for each of three aspects of the life, the work, the material and the heart according to their order (every blade in front of an other one will not have the same meaning if we invert this order). It's as if you were in front of a Tarot Reader.

    For every draw, it is recommended to ask a question prior pressing the shuffle button. Then you can touch the cards of your choice. After the eighth card, the draw appears automatically.

    You can also schedule a daily alert which will show you the Tarot card of the day which will give you elements of reflection to start your day.

    You can also save your drawing in order to consult it later on. Furthermore, it is possible to pull a card at random while asking a question.

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