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    Get Dash Girl app and become the hottest “It girl” in town! Do your own hair, nails and makeup, and always look like a movie star-without spending money on expensive beauty salon treatments! This app will help you get the looks you’ve always dreamed of!

    Over 1300 photos, tips and video tutorials showing how to create stunning makeup looks!
    Your makeup will always be red carpet ready!
    More than 650 tips and video tutorials on creating glamorous hairstyles!
    Over 500 photos of edgy and elegant celebrity hairstyles!
    Latest hairstyle ideas for short, medium and long hair!
    More than 1100 tips, photos and tutorials on creating stylish nail art designs!
    Tips for gel and acrylic nails, floral nail designs and choosing fashionable nail accessories!

    A hairstyle's aesthetic considerations may be determined by many factors, such as the subject's physical attributes and desired self-image or the stylist's artistic instincts. A hairstyle is achieved by arranging hair in a certain way, occasionally using combs, a blow-dryer, gel, or other products. The practice of styling hair is often called hairdressing, especially when done as an occupation.

    Physical factors include natural hair type and growth patterns, face and head shape from various angles, and overall body proportions. Self-image may be directed toward conforming to mainstream values (military-style crew cuts or current ‘fad’ hairstyles such as the Dido flip), identifying with distinctively groomed subgroups (e.g., punk hair), or obeying religious dictates (e.g., Orthodox Jewish have payot, Rastafari have Dreadlocks, North India jatas) though this is highly contextual and a mainstream look in one setting may be limited to a subgroup in another.

    Hairstyling may also include adding accessories (such as headbands or barrettes) to the hair to hold it in place, enhance its ornamental appearance, or partially or fully conceal it with coverings such as a kippa, hijab, tam or turban.

    Natural cosmetics serve to beautify and care for the human body by means of ingredients from nature. This is made possible with natural raw materials, friendly to both the skin and the environment. Natural cosmetics should stimulate and support our natural skin functions, rather than supplanting physiological processes. These products offer gentle, wholesome care and are thus an important aid to the health of the skin at any age. Natural cosmetics revitalize and harmonize body, soul and spirit.

    There are many to count on when it comes to beauty cosmetics. Also, a vast variety of tools are available in the market such as tweezers, body and hair massagers, make up applicators and many others. Make up is referred to as colored products that are intended to change the appearance of the user. Many manufacturers across the world distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics.

    Nail art, the practice of painting decorative designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a special occasion outfit. There are a variety of nail art designs available, ranging from subtle and understated to funky and outrageous. For example, you could choose to paint flowers on your nails for a date or spell out the name of your favorite athletic team on the day of the big game. While the more intricate designs are best left to a professional, it’s possible to create simple nail art at home.

    The key to any successful nail art design is starting with clean and well-shaped nails. Nails should be neatly trimmed and filed before painting. Even the most accomplished artist can’t create an attractive design on nails that have been bitten down to stubs. If your natural nails are beyond repair, consider applying artificial acrylic nails before painting your nail art design.

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