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    DAY diary will automatically record your entire life. Day will take pictures, record your calls, capture your tracks, thoughts, messaging and communicating. DAY will automatically fix the most important in your life!

    Day diary is the calendar of your life, with your everyday life stored. Your Day will make selfies and pictures of the world around you, will capture your thoughts and emotions, movements, and even phone calls! Automatically, without any effort on your part! You do not have to invent every day for something to write, to remember this day - your diary will do it itself! Your every day is unique, every moment and every emotion as well. Day diary will keep it all in mind just for you!

    Imagine, that a filmcrew follows you to shoot a film with you in a leading role. Isn't it great? But you won't be natural - you probably will be confused with cameramen, lighting and make-up artists. Your Day diary records everything that happens to you discreetly and quietly. For the first time you get a chance to look at yourself from the outside and discover, how people see you. Day diary is exactly that filmcrew, but you never notice nor hear it!

    No any detail even the smallest one will escape your diary's attention - because there are no trifles in your life. Automatic diary Day will forever retain the details of each and every day of your life:

    - Photos of your face and the world around you!
    - Phone calls log and conversations!
    - Your voice, your thoughts and emotions and of those you are talking to!
    - All SMS messages!
    - All your travels!
    - ...And much more!

    And you will be able to view, listen and explore it at any time - data are stored only on your device and this is you who has an access!

    Complete confidentiality is guaranteed by no sending data and no synchronization with any server. Your auto blog Day is just for you.

    osmino Day - is a real diary. It can be useful not only for the automatic recording of your thoughts and emotions, but also for an obvious benefit - you will always be able to find any number you once called, and listen to the conversation and discover the number you forgot to write down. Even if it was a year ago! You can view all the places you've been to and all the photos you've taken, even if it's been a long time - your Day diary will keep it as a souvenir for you.

    Every day, every minute, your phone and your diary insensibly capture your life. For you. For your mind, for your life.

    Sincerely yours,
    diary osmino Day

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