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    Days To Go is a versatile homescreen countdown widget with a simple, intuitive interface that counts the days until or the days since an event. It also lets you easily and quickly set days and dates to exclude from the countdown e.g. weekends, public holidays, annual holidays etc.

    NOTE: This is a widget and does not appear in the list of standard apps. Add on homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Days To Go

    Usage examples include:
    * Work days to go until payday (and/or since payday)
    * Training days left until marathon
    * Days since first date
    * Days until the Olympics
    * Days since quit smoking or quit drinking
    * Track days since starting diet
    * Working days to go until Xmas
    * Days since last haircut
    * Countdown days till retirement
    * Daily countdown until wedding

    * Add as many daily countdown widgets as you need*
    * Quickly exclude days or lists of dates from the countdown
    * Define lists of exclusion dates to use across widgets
    * Customize widget colors

    Limitations of the free version
    * Can't create more than two widgets
    * Can't select a date that is more than 365 days from today

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