Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

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    Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

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    “…Discover The Tastiest Vegetarian Foods In The World And Exactly How You Can Easily Prepare Them In Your Own Kitchen!”

    All you have to do is download this app, choose the tasty veggie dish you want and within just a few minutes from now you can be well on your way to becoming a more healthy person!

    The "Delicious Vegetarian Recipes" app is packed with simple recipes for the tastiest, most mouth watering vegetarian foods in the world. Here is just a small sample of the tasty dishes that will be ending up in your tummy soon:


    * Fluffy Peach Pancakes
    * Homemade Maple Granola with Exotic Fruit Mix
    * Simple Crêpes
    * Breakfast Smoothies *(lots of different types of smoothies)

    Side dishes and Appetizers

    * Mouth Watering Spring Rolls
    * Vegetable Samosas
    * Pot stickers with dipping sauce


    * Vegetable and Shell Soup
    * Barley Lentil Soup
    * Indian Potato and Pea Soup


    * Greek Salad
    * Tasty Thai Salad
    * Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

    Dips, Chips and Snacks

    * Tortilla Chips with Black Bean Salsa
    * Veggie Chips with Creamy Green Salsa
    * Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

    Burgers, pizza’s and sandwiches

    * Tofu, Walnut Pizza with Roasted Tomato Sauce
    * Veggie Burgers with Red Pepper Rouille
    * Vegetable and Brie Sandwich

    Pasta and Noodle Dishes

    * Tasty Roll-Ups
    * Three-Cheese Lasagna
    * Marinated Tofu with Cold Peanut Noodles


    * “C” Party
    * Lemonade Tropical Fruit Shake
    * Raspberry Lemonade

    And that’s just a small sample of the recipes you will find in "Delicious Vegetarian Recipes".

    PS: You have one life and one body, so why not take care of your body and adapt a healthy lifestyle? There are hundreds of reasons why a vegetarian diet is going to make you a healthier person and hundreds of reasons why meat is bad for you. You probably already know all these reasons and know why becoming a vegetarian or just adding a few healthy dishes to your diet is good for you – now all that’s left is putting your plan to action.