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    Diamond Cutting Styles Info

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    8 Diamond cutting styles

    Diamonds are considered as the most hardest natural substance and are also considered as the most revered gems in the world. Apart from their uses for industrial purposes, they are used commonly in jewellery. Diamonds are incomparable to any other gemstones. Our love for diamonds and admiration of their brilliance has given rise to many different cuts of diamonds.

    This app mentions some of the most famous diamond cuts.

    Contents of this app:

    ** Round, brilliant cut.

    ** Role of Marcel Tolkowsky

    ** Ashoka diamond cut.

    Women have a mania for diamond jewellery. Diamonds meets more than the eyes. They have many uses apart from just being used as jewellery. Since they are the hardest natural substance, they also find their uses for industrial purposes. Diamonds have become more famous in the jewellery department, and the styles of diamond cuts gradually developed.

    This app talks about the different diamond cutting styles.

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