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    Accessorize your nails with “Diamond Nails” app! Watch video tutorials and learn to create lots of stylish nail designs using rhinestones! Add rhinestones to your everyday manicure and give your nails a more sophisticated look!

    Tutorials on how to properly apply rhinestones and create modern nail designs!
    Find out how to create disco ball nails, floral nail designs with rhinestones and decorate your French manicure with rhinestones!
    With rhinestones, your nails will look elegant at formal events and stand out parties!

    Nail art rhinestones are just another addition to the hot trends in nail art and design. Rhinestones come in round, teardrop and even square shapes. Sizes range from 1mm to 9mm size stones. These decorative stones may be clear like diamonds or come in dozens of different colors. Here is the tip for you when buying rhinestones: Choose small rhinestone that will fit on your nails and that it can give more space for more rhinestone on one nail. It allows you to be more creative on the design of the nails.

    Nail art with rhinestones requires lengthy time since it requires many layers for the coating and your favorite colors. Make sure you are not in haste so that you will not be pressured and you will be given more time to explore your creativity.

    The following are the steps to apply your nail art rhinestone: Begin by filing and buffing your nails till they have the look you desire from them. Apply your nails with the base coat. Avoid coating your nails so much. To do this, slide one side of your brush at the brim of the nail polish bottle. Then do it on the other side. This will eliminate the excess paint. Now, brush it to the center of your nails. Top the base coat with a colored nail polish of your desire. You may also opt to add two colors to top it.

    Before putting rhinestone, make sure that the base coat has already dried. This is the right time to add your rhinestone. While the most top layer of your nails is still damp, put your rhinestone (or any other decoration you like) on it so that it will stick. Gently press it so that it will not mess up the stroke. If the polish has dried before you had put the rhinestone, you may apply the clear polish and use it as glue so that you can continue adding the rhinestone. Once you are done with putting the rhinestone, finish it by topping it with the base coat or clear polish.

    A rhinestone or paste or diamante is a diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic.

    Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine. The availability was greatly increased around 1775 when the Alsatian jeweler Georg Friedrich Strass had the idea to imitate diamonds by coating the lower side of glass with metal powder. Hence, rhinestones are called Strass in many European languages.

    Rhinestones may be used as imitations of diamonds, and some manufacturers even manage to reproduce the glistening effect real diamonds have in the sun.

    In 1955, the Aurora Borealis, a thin, vacuum-sputtered metallic coating applied to crystal stones to produce an iridescent effect, was introduced by Swarovski. Aurora Borealis tends to reflect whatever color is worn near it, and it is named after the Aurora Borealis atmospheric phenomenon, also known as the ‘Northern Lights. Similar treatments are Aqua aura and ‘Flame aura’.

    Typically, crystal rhinestones have been used on costumes, apparel and jewelry. Crystal rhinestones are produced mainly in Austria by Swarovski and in the Czech Republic by Preciosa and a few other glassworks in northern Bohemia. In the US, these are sometimes called Austrian Crystal. In the Spanish-speaking world they are called Cristal de Bohemia (Bohemian Crystal).

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