Diwali Deeya (Diya)

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    Diwali Deeya (Diya) allows you to interact with a Diwali (Divali) Deeya/Diya/Deya on your phone. You can tap on the screen to light the deeya as well as tap on the Menu button to change the background image, change the song or change the type of deeya and much more.



    The following features are included in this version of Diwali Deeya:

    ★ Tap the screen to light the deeya (diya);
    ★ Swipe the screen to change the background;
    ★ Select from ten (10) different background images;
    ★ Select from five (5) traditional Diwali songs to play as a background track (Song Titles: Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Jai Lakshmi Maata), Jai Lakshmi Kalyani Maiya, Lakshmi Aarti;
    ★ Select from ten (10) different styles of deeya (diya);
    ★ Find out about the history of Diwali;
    ★ Use the Menu button to hide/show the Options Menu Bar which allows you to customize the application;
    ★ When you exit the application, your preferences are stored on the phone. The next time you start the application it will remember which background you preferred as well as your favorite song and deeya (diya);
    ★ Supported on tablet devices including the Kindle Fire.



    When you download Diwali Deeya you are entitled to free product updates and we are pleased to announce that in the next major release for Diwali Deeya we will be including the following features:

    ★ A larger collection of background images;
    ★ A larger collection of deeyas (diyas);
    ★ A larger collection of songs;
    ★ The ability to blowout the flame;
    ★ Shake the phone to extinguish/light the flame;
    ★ Multiple deeyas on the screen at the same time.






    Divali comes from the word Deepavali which is Sanskrit for a row of lights. It is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Hindus everywhere on the darkest night of the year which is between the months of October to November.

    Divali is associated with Mother Lakshmi who is the goddess of light, health, wealth and prosperity. Mother Lakshmi appeared along with other items such as poison and nectar when the gods and demons churned the ocean for divine nectar. Hindus fast for a period of twenty-eight (28) days and perform Lakshmi pooja (prayers) on the night of Divali.

    Divali is also celebrated to commemorate the homecoming of Lord Rama after being in exile for a period of fourteen (14) years and defeating the evil king of Lanka, Ravana which represents the victory of good over evil. It is said that when Lord Rama returned to his home of Ayodya that the people lined the streets with thousands deeyas to welcome him home.



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