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    Are you tired of people using your phone without your permission? Want to keep your kids or your parents from using your Phone? Want to keep others from seeing your private content and text messages? Or maybe you are at a party and want to be alerted if someone tries to mess with your phone? Want to know when someone tries to snoop around on your Phone? Or, just use it to play a trick on someone.

    Then you need Don't Touch! Just arm your device before you leave it on a flat surface, and if anyone tries to use or steal your device they will set off a siren to alert you and startle anyone who is around. A very special feature of this app is that if the person who tries to use your iPhone want to switch off the siren then Don't Touch will take his/her photo using iPhone's front camera on each and every attempt he/she wants to turn off the siren.

    Feature Highlights:

    - Automatic alarm. Triggers when the device is moved!!
    - High volume sound alerts and sirens.
    - Ability to set stealth mode where no one knows if the app is running so you can catch them in the act!! - Annoying alarm that will sound when the alarm is set off. The alarm will play in the background or when screen is turned off.
    - User can set Background as well as Anti-Theft sounds from app settings.
    by pressing the home button or locking the Phone.
    - Alarm can’t be disabled by quitting the app.

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