Drag Screen Lock




    Drag the locker to unlock the screen! This free app Drag Screen Lock is a screen locker for Android users to experience new unlock way and new background here. Just use this app to lock and unlock the screen for free.

    In the locked screen, we can get a locker, date and time here.
    With this tool, we can lock and unlock the screen as we wish.
    It also can be a daily tool to display date, time and day of week for free.

    It is simple to set and easy to lock and unlock.
    Drag Screen Lock is totally free for Android mobiles and tablets.
    With beautiful background and clear UI, this Drag Screen Lock occupies little storage here.

    1. Open this app and we can get settings at first.
    2. Enable sound/vibrate effects and turn on this screen locker.
    3. Turn off the screen automatically or manually here.
    4. Press POWER key to turn on the screen and get locked background here.
    5. Except for locker, we can also get quick access to date, time and day of week here.
    6. Drag the locker down to the unlock icon here.
    7. With sound and vibrate reminders, we can unlock the screen easily and simply.

    Come to try this screen locker here for free. If you like it, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends. Also you can email us your advice and problems here. You will love it!

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