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    Explain your dreams here! This Oneiromancy app can read our dreams and support to search to get explanation to our dreams.

    Totally free for Android users
    Simple to use
    Supports search dreams of action, body and deity, natural phenomena and worldly
    Simple UI

    1. Choose your dream type in this app.
    2. Click to read your dreams.
    3. We can get angry, blind and vote, wake in action to find out the meaning of our dreams.
    4. Also hands, lips and mouth, nose in body could be accessible to us.
    5. As for deity, we can get angel, fairies, goddess and gods here.
    6. Worldly dreams may include discard, elope and love, wife here.

    If you dreamed of being awake, it may warn you of being sick.
    Wake up very; dreamed of being awake, warning will be sick.
    Married women dream of waking, and with her husband separated.
    Women dream also does not fall asleep, embryo has a problem.
    Unmarried men and women dream of being awake, and his lover¡¯s love will be more profound.
    The patient is wake, are suffering from the disease is incurable.
    Businessmen dreamed that he did not sleep, business losses, or because of business failures, and sad.

    Come to download this fake app here. It can read dreams for us here for free. Don¡¯t have blind faith in Oneiromancy. Good luck!

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    Oneiromancy might be a form of divination based upon dreams; it can be a system of dream interpretation that uses dreams to predict the future. Derived from the Greek words oneiros which may mean dream and the Greek word manteia that means prophecy. Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, focused this idea and formed theories, experiments, and terminology around Oneiromancy.

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