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    It is important that attach a time limit to achieve a dream and an aim.

    This application helps with the management of the time limit to achieve your dream and aim.
    Of course it can do a dream, the management except the aim.

    You confirm the time until a time limit frequently, and let's do its best towards an aim!

    == More infomation ==

    == About the license certification ==
    For illegal copy prevention, work connect to the server at the time of first start and license it, and to authenticate it.
    The following things are thought about when error "999" appears at the time of the license certification.

    * Because communication facility becomes invalid, certification processing is not possible.
    -> Please validate communication facility. It is OK in WiFi.
    * Because "market" application gives an error, certification processing is not possible.
    -> May be recovered when you uninstall update of the (Android) "Market" application.
    -> When the password of "Accounts & sync" of the setting window is not input or disappear, it occurs.
    When you hold "Accounts & sync" of the setting window, and it is demanded password input, it is thought that it is caused by this.

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