Drink Price

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    Drink Price is the application to calculate the cost of a drink.
    It comes with a database that contains many ingredients for the preparation of cocktails.
    For each product shows the price and its volume.
    Drink Price can work both cl and oz, and supports all global currencies.
    Is possible to set the currency and the unit volume during the first use of the software, or later through the Config function.

    Calculate the price of a drink is easy: choosing from the list proposed the ingredients of the drink, then the software prompts you for each ingredient selected to enter the quantity.
    At this point, the software will return as a result, the cost of the individual ingredients, the total cost and the minimum and maximum price of sale

    Of course you can add in the list new ingredients, or modify existing ones.

    If you have any problems with our software please contact us, we are happy to listen your requests.

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