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    Easy Vegetarian Recipes

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    Being vegetarian does not necessarily mean you have to give up delicious food!

    Are you out of ideas when it comes to vegetarian kitchen?
    Then we’ve got the right app for you. From all across the world, we’ve put together some of the best vegetarian recipes you can cook even if you’re a beginner in the art of cooking. We know how much you need new ideas to add to your vegetarian repertoire and this is why we came up with this app. The food you will learn how to cook from this app will be so good that you might actually ‘convert’ people to your diet.

    ‘The burgers were amazing…. Can’t stop eating them’- C. Bailey

    This app has brought together the best of the best, crème de la crème as the French would call it. You had no idea how good vegetarian food can get!

    With the recipes in this app you’ll be more than ready to present an entirely vegetarian menu to your family! Let’s see if they actually miss the meat products!

    Being a vegetarian is a choice you made for your health.
    Congratulations, you’re already on the path to becoming healthier and happier. Some may say you even have more chances of living longer. And the number of people who have stated this is overwhelming. Do you want to know how to have a beautiful skin? Do you want to know how to loose weight? Do you want to know how to have more energy? The answer to all these questions (and more) is HEALTHY DIET. And a vegetarian diet is one of your choices.

    Sometimes, people tend to ban you from their lives on the basis of your food choice. And this is not right. You didn’t ban your husband when you went vegetarian, right?

    Most likely, you either made this step together or you cooked separate meals. So why would your co-workers avoid asking you out for lunch just because you don’t eat dead animals? Nowadays, almost every respectable restaurant has a vegetarian option, so that everyone gets out of there pleased.

    Nutrition should be one of our biggest concerns. Without good nutrition, we cannot be healthy. And good nutrition involves getting a bit of everything: proteins, vitamins, calcium, etc. Still, when your menu automatically rules out meat, you automatically rule out a long list protein sources. You shouldn’t worry though: there’s another long list behind it that will replace it and it is consisted of products even a vegetarian could eat. And when you learn how to cook with these vegetarian ingredients, you’ve got the world at your feet!

    If you thought that vegetarian recipes are boring salads, then think again. There is a HUGE range of things you can cook without meat and still get 100% satisfaction out of your food when it comes to its taste. Whoever told you vegetarian food is tasteless, he/she lied! There’s nothing more delicious than what Mother Earth has to offer, without us getting her precious sons and daughters killed. Remember that dairy and cheese are still allowed in a vegetarian diet, so that you can get all the nutrients you need and enjoy the amazing taste of vegetarianism.

    Choosing not to eat meat products is not a fad diet. It is a choice you made not because Angelina Jolie also made it. It is a choice you made because you either don’t like the taste of meat, or you felt like you needed to say stop to all the animal killing.

    Download today and support your choice of being a vegetarian with new and amazing recipes!

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