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    In Sikhi, there is an important concept known as bibekta. Bibek literally means from two to one. Bibek is a god given conscience that allows a Sikh to discriminate between right and wrong--knowing what is good and what is bad.

    Not only is Bibekta applied in a Sikh's everyday life—for example, knowing it is wrong to cut one's hair or that it is right to do nitnem in the morning—it can also be applied to what one eats.

    Sikhs must abstain from alcohol and tobacco, that is a given. Arguments ignored, most Sikhs also agree that it is against Sikhi to consume fish, meat or eggs and derivative products.

    So the most basic Bibek rehat a Sikh can keep is to abstain from Meat, Fish, Eggs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and non-medicinal drugs.

    Whatever level of orthodoxy an individual feels is right for them, we are here to help. We at investigate which foods have hidden meat and egg ingredients and which restaurants can contaminate food.

    We also have vegan, vegetarian and from scratch recipes from all over the world. We hope you will join and contribute.

    Visit for help or to join and contribute.

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