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    Ebay Selling Manual

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    If You're Collecting, Ebay Selling is for You

    “Guess what? The world changes. eBay has defined e-commerce.”

    When you're ready to sell, we'll help you quickly create a successful listing. Start your listing by simply describing your item. From there, we'll help you easily identify the right category to start from. We also provide pricing guidance and tips through the process.


    **What is Ebay?

    **Steps to take care before selling on ebay.

    **What is the importance of selling on Ebay?

    ** Create an eBay account if you don't have one already. Go to eBay's main page in your country and register following the instructions on the page. To find eBay, simply use your favorite search engine and type in eBay and check that it has returned an eBay relevant to where you live.

    • Decide on a good account name ahead of time. Since so many people are already on eBay, spend some time checking that the name you want is actually available and come up with alternatives when your preferred name is already in use.

    • Think about what you want to add to your profile page. People do read these to try and find out more about you, so it's a good place to explain your credentials, such as being a collector, a retailer, a person with knowledge of particular items, etc.

    ** Build your account. Since feedback matters to people buying from you, it's a good idea to buy a few small things and pay immediately so that you will get some positive feedback ratings. At this stage, don't buy things you intend to resell because you won't know what works until later; just buy things you'd buy anyway, such as something to add to a collection, an item of clothing, some food, etc. This will give you the experience on using the site and your "site cred" will start to build.

    • Potential buyers who see a new seller without feedback can be very wary that you're a "fly-by-night" or an unknown and therefore risky factor.
    Work out how you'll accept payment. This varies depending on where you're selling; some people prefer Paypal or similar services, some prefer direct deposit into accounts, some prefer checks or cash. The rationale will depend on ease of using any particular payment system and what your buyers are used to. You may need to be flexible for overseas buyers too if you allow them to bid, as they'll have different payment expectations from those purchasing within your own country. Do research on which payment options are best for you.
    ** Becoming an online auction seller

    Consider what you want to sell. You might already have an excellent idea of what you want to sell and you've been hoarding the product for a time. Or, you might know but have no product and need to know where to source it from. Alternatively, you might want to sell but you don't have a clue what just yet. It's important to think through a number of things when deciding what products you're likely to sell on eBay regularly.

    ** Know what you can't sell. There are forbidden products on eBay, some are more obvious than others. Check out Help -> Is My Item Allowed? to find out what eBay doesn't allow to be sold. Ignoring this can have your account suspended or even permanently banned.

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