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    Eco-Friendly Homes: Green Real-Estate

    A Green home is a type of house designed to be environment friendly and sustainable, focusing on the efficient use of energy, water, and building materials.

    Green real estate is all about using green technology in building construction or development with which we can save energy & water, and resources, as well as being attractive and robust. A green building refers to a construction, design, planning and decor using environmental friendly approach or we can say green real estate to have a beneficial impact on energy efficiency.

    (Green modular homes) are green because they reduce material waste, have a low environmental effect at the job site and may also utilize recycled and renewable building materials. The home's sections are built in a climate-controlled factory that reduces costly delays and weather-related damage.

    This Eco-Friendly Homes app contains creative and resourceful information about green home ideas and development. The included resources of this app are:

    * Increasing importance of (green ideas for the home)

    * Benefits of the (green home design)

    * The importance of properly informed (green home plans)

    This app is built up with a concern about the environment. It tells us the benefits of having a good green real estate. It tells us that apart from being profit-oriented, real estate business can be environment-friendly too. This app is ideally useful for everyone.

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