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    Isn't It About Time You Learned EVERYTHING you need to know about keeping your family safe in an emergency?

    In this app you'll learn about everything need to know about emergency preparedness.

    Here is what you will learn in this amazing little app:

    EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT. During a disaster, as you may already know, things can become very chaotic and confusing. In this chapter information is provided to try and ease the confusion you may experience during this time.

    DISASTER PREPAREDNESS or DISASTER PREPARATION. Learn what are the most common disasters to prepare for. There are many different types of disasters that may occur. Whilst a disaster can happen anywhere, some areas are more prone to a particular type of disaster than others. This app provides a list of the more common disasters that happen in most places and how you can effectively deal with them.

    EMERGENCY EVACUATION. A common emergency procedure we frequently put into place is that of evacuation. In the event that an evacuation is necessary, knowing procedures and having a plan ahead of time will ensure you are prepared and able to remain calm and in control, able to handle the situation.

    EMERGENCY RESPONSE or EMERGENCY AND DISASTER PREPAREDNESS. There are many ways in which to effectively plan for an emergency situation in order to ensure you are well prepared for the event. Maximising your level of organization will ultimately result in effectively responding to an emergency situation and will hopefully aid in decreasing the damage caused by a disaster.

    You will also learn about EMERGENCY DISASTER SUPPLIES, EMERGENCY SUPPLY OF FOOD, And so much more!

    As an added bonus, you will also get access to your own personal CAR LOCATOR which you can be helpful in many different scenarios. For example you can also use it as a guide for your emergency evacuation route, or a locator for your stashed emergency supplies or even just as simple car locator even when there's no emergency. The possibilities are endless. Just simply save a location that you want to save, for example where you parked your car, and when you want to find that saved location, just click Find and it will will lead you right back to that saved location, it's that easy!

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