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    Enable Airplane Mode

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    When we go for a travelling or business meeting abroad by plane, we will have to turn on the airplane mode on our phone for safety consideration.

    At the same time, we cannot lose touch with others for a long time, so we will need to turn off the flight mode when it is Ok.

    So we think that at this time Enable Airplane Mode will be a great choice for you.

    With it in hand, you can:

    1. Set a time to enable fight mode on your phone when it is necessary;

    2. Set a time to disable flight mode when you get off the plane;

    3. Add Widget- Enable Airplane Mode to the homescreen of your phone. In this way, it will be more convenient for you to manage your phone filght mode with one click simply.

    In a word, this is a great app for all.


    1. On our smart phones, there are lots of apps,functions and settings.

    Most of the time, we have no other choice but to find them to finish some operations and settings one by one, which is quite time-consuming and troublesome.

    So now we offer you this easy and directly phone flight mode manager.

    From now on, you can manage flight mode in this app directly or on the home screen of your directly.

    In a word, it will make things easier for you.

    Hope you will like it!

    Thanks for your supports!

    2. Besides, activation the airplane mode can save battery power. Because the device doesn't search for a network signal as in other modes, the battery lasts longer.

    In a word, this is quite a powerful and useful app for all android users.

    That is all about this app.

    It is suitable for android phone and tablet computer.

    Welcome to download it from our website!

    Please give us five stars if you like it and think it is useful;

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    According to Wikipedia:

    The name- Airplane mode is derived from the fact that it permits the user to operate the device while on board a commercial aircraft while in flight, where the operation of cell phones and other devices that send or receive signals is generally prohibited due to the potential impact on aircraft avionics and the potential for interference with ground cell networks.