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    This free application can offer you an energy calculator for you to calculate the energy saving after upgrading your incandescent lamps to more effective light bulbs. You can get access to your economic lamps at home or in office as you wish. It’s our duty to save energy for our planet. You can just live a green life for free with your Android devices.


    You can get access to a setting button here to make preferences for your calculation. You can choose a units system from metric and English. You also can define the electricity price in Tariff.

    After these preparations, you can change your lamps to calculate energy saving from led, fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Just select 2 lamps to replace your lamps to save energy. You can set the number and the energy of the lamp, and then you can get a related output. After choosing your two choices, you can get a combination of these two lamps. You can get information about energy, output and lifetime of these two lamps. You can choose another 2 lamps and calculate the energy saving. You can get 6 combinations totally, which can offer you a economic and practical choice.

    In order to have a compare, you can get access to the calculation of the energy saving. It will tell you saved energy, saved carbon dioxide and clogging problems. What is important is that you can get saved money here for free. Want to store these results? You can send it by Bluetooth, messaging and Picasa and so on.

    There are 4 buttons waiting for you at the bottom of this free tool, including setting, menu, and supply and about.

    For better user experience, modify the delay to 1 min in this app before the screen automatically turns off with the help of setting button. Because the original delay time is too short in this app, screen automatically turns off, and then we have to turn it on! Once you activate it, you may need some hints when you don’t want this application in your phone. Go to location $ security in setting, and select the device administrators to move.

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