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    Ephemeris, Astrology Software

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    The Ephemeris Application is complete Astrological software for Astrologers as well as Astrology enthusiasts. Now, you can use a faster and more accurate Ephemeris and Astrology software for android mobiles, tablets, and TV a replacement ofthe paper based styleused by Astrologers and Jyotishs.
    The following are the facilities offered by the app:
    1. Indian, Western, and Local Ephemeris Tables
    2. Planetary Positions Calculator which gives a tabular result of planet positions and ascendant (Lagna) for your selected location, date and time.
    3. Horoscopes/Astro Charts (Kundali) which generate the Kundali/ Chart in North and South Indian style withdifferent options such as divisional charts, planetary details with relationships, Vimsottari, Yogini, Ashtottari, Kalachakra, and Charadasas, Transit, KP astrology, LalKitab Charts, Jaimini, Astakavarga, Shadbala, bhavabala, vimsopakbala, prasna chart with yavan yoga and many more.
    4. Horoscope and NameMatching in North and South Indian style.
    5. Planetary Transit where results comprise of Date, Rashi/Sign, Star/Nakshatra, Star Division, Direction, Gandmool, and Panchaka.
    6. Planetary Retrogradation and Combustion tables
    7. Ascendant Rising tables
    8. Annual Horoscopy with annual dasas, Tajik yogas, Lord of year, Annual planetary strength, and Sahams.
    9. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi astrology with option of directional charts, transit, and special yogas.
    • Support of Zero – Ayanamsa (Precession of Equinox), Lahiri, Raman and Krishnamurti, along with many others.
    • Supports all Android Phones, Tablets, TVs and customizable as per your preferences (All versions and sizes).
    • GPS/GSM/ Google Geo Coder, OSM and inbuilt support for location capture.
    • User friendly chart display option for all sizes of mobiles and tablets.
    • Support to store unlimited numbers of charts in SD memory of your device.
    • Support to display bar graph for planetary Strength.
    • Support to save in sd card and share A4 Size horoscope consisting of basic data, D1, D9, D10, rashi and chalet including dasas.

    Made By: Sunil Jain.
    Interface Design: Shubham Jain.

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