E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi

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    E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi

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    Enhance receptiveness to extra sensory perceptions - intuition, psychic ability & inner knowing.

    This is a special hypnosis session, designed to take you deep within your mind to explore the different realms where extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities lie within your subconscious. It will allow you to explore these realms, and with the use of direct instruction, to activate your inner abilities of intuition, psychic power, consciousness, spiritual connection & generally be more aware of all the things which are usually below your normal waking consciousness. Doing this you can unlock the powerful abilities within your mind and use them in your daily life by creating 'on' & 'off' switches to bring them to your conscious attention.

    This hypnosis program will allow you to elevate your mind to amazing new heights, as you begin to understand more about, and access, what is known as your 'higher self'. By doing this you can experience the complete clarity, faith & guidance needed to bring forth your intuitive abilities. You may also find that life simply 'opens ups' in amazing new ways as the power of ESP begins to manifest within your reality as you attract an abundance of exciting opportunities into your life. By 'opening up' your mind, you are forming a platform to experience life on a new level, and once this happens, the possibilities are truly endless.

    Suggestions & Techniques

    * Have faith in your ESP abilities
    * How to discover your higher self
    * How to create a switch to experience the new levels
    * Aligning your spiritual self, higher self, & waking self
    * Trusting in your judgment &' knowing'
    * Removing the boundaries within your mind

    Audio Details

    Background Sounds: Binaural beats, monk chant, birds, rainforest sounds, bells
    Trance level: 7Hz Theta to 5Hz Theta
    Subliminals: "Believe in myself, ESP works well, I am aligned, higher self, on off switch, clear, balanced, I can, I will,"

    About the Author:

    Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author & counselor. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings, and uses hypnosis to succesfully treat almost any kind of issue imaginable. He has personally helped many people since 2003 when he first started practicing hypnotherapy, including world champion kick-boxers, CEO's, and international rugby league stars. Giovanni has a unique method of helping people, where he primarily uses clinical hypnposis, but also integrates his experience with other forms of healing modalities.