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    My husband, Ben, and I have developed a system called Explosive Sexual Healing (ESH) that combines hypnotherapy & reiki with sexological bodywork (G-spot orgasm specifically) and operates under the principle that such an intense release may facilitate in the easing of symptoms of everything from sexual trauma and depression to migraines and chronic pain. The unique combination of hypnotherapy, reiki, and sexological bodywork used together simultaneously is a phenomenally effective modality because it works with the body, mind and soul at the same time. What we’ve noticed is that a woman’s blocks to having a FULL release (several steps beyond the average orgasm), are the same blocks she has to getting what she wants out of life. We know we’ve cleared those blocks once our client achieves full release, and then she can take these new tools out into the world and receive what is now available to her. If she has trouble relaxing and receiving in orgasm, we help her through that so she can relax and receive in life. If she has trouble letting her voice out in orgasm, we help her through that so she can better express herself in her life. In what areas could you be more expressive? Where could you stand to relax and receive a little more?

    This app gives you access to information, our upcoming events, a kegel excercise timer & more! Enjoy.

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