Fake Dawn Alarm Clock

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    Fake Dawn Alarm Clock

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    Wake you up with this special Fake Dawn Alarm Clock. It is simple to use and easy to control. Come to download it now for free.

    - fully customize the behavior of the dawn alarm
    - choose the screen color from a wide range
    - choose custom sound alarm or ring tone
    - vibrate with sound


    -Increases brightness and sound volume to lead you out of deep sleep and wake you up gently.

    -Choose when the brightness will start to rise and when it reaches the max using the fist horizontal bar.

    -Adjust when and how the sound will play using the second bar.


    1. Open this app to set.

    2. Adjust color, sound/vibration here for free.

    3. Set time and day of the week here as you wish.

    4. Set dawn to finish setting.

    There are setting button, menu button and supply button and about button here for us.

    1. Setting button allows delaying to 1 min before it turns off automatically.

    2. We are eager to get your five stars comments. If you have any problem, you can email us. Share with your friends. Please give me some Feedback or give us 5 stars. I cannot answer your comments, please email me.

    3. There are more free apps for you to enjoy in about button.


    1. This fake app may bring us a scene of dawn here.

    2. Our ads partners may add some notification ads or icon ads in this app for finance support.

    3. Do you have any ideas, wishes or proposals for improvement? Please help us to make this app even better! Send us an email!

    4. Try to deactivate this app in ¡°DEVICE ADMINSTRTION¡± of ¡°LOCATION & SECURITY¡± if you want to uninstall it.

    An alarm clock might be a clock that is designed to wake a person at a specific time. The primary use of these clocks can be to awaken people from their night's sleep or short naps; they can be sometimes used for other reminders as well. Some use sound, some use light, and some use sensors to identify when a person can be in a light stage of sleep, in order to avoid waking someone when they're deeply asleep, which causes tiredness, even if the person has had adequate sleep.

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