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    Family Monitoring Tool is a fake one and you can use it to cheat friends in All Foolish Day or other days. I bet they will believe its true! Icon ads and notification ads supported this app keep free.
    There must be some important and security things saved in your home. To protect them better I suggest you monitor the condition of your family home all times. So no matter when and where you are, you can see your family situation as soon as possible!
    Now you can get the monitoring pictures with your mobile phone! Family Monitoring Tool is a totally free app used on android mobile phone and it allows you get a monitoring picture every four hours! Go anywhere can let you don't worry about your own financial security!
    To make it more vivid and better understanding, we offer you SET and ABOUT button to help you!

    1. It is a free family monitor!
    2. Has the function of the "real ones"!
    3. Help you get the monitoring pictures of Parlour, Bedroom and Kitchen.
    4. Offer you an introduction of this free app with About button.
    5. Allow you shot pictures and save it in your SD card.
    6. Choose one picture from your mobile phone and set it as a monitoring picture!

    Do you believe my expression words? You have been cheated!
    This is a fake software and all functions are false.
    If you believe my introduction, I bet it can let others (Your friends, Colleagues, family members...) treat it as a real monitor!
    It is a "real ones", don't you think so?

    To make it more real, this fake app allow you shot pictures of your family room and save them in your mobile phone and then set them as parlour, bedroom and kitchen pictures. With the real pictures of your family, nobody will doubt this app's functions!

    Now download it and I bet you will love it!
    Email me if you have questions and I will answer you in time!

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