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    Education, job, money, cars (a friend take a vain pulakseljil), luxury, Cypress Bluff, North Face, I'm not the Cyworld Bluff, Bluff Glitter piguwang tongki Dragonball cards, rare pokemon cards bluff, a different color filter Marlboro Red Bluff to (as headache), and the fact that others with the same dareuncheok I Bluff, I Bluff doing their best to live himdeuncheok the world is over. Unusual to find a strong trotting malppal bravado posturing rather than pretending that looked something .. Bluff force posturing, but it seems unlikely to capture the minds of the people humanism yeokgyeopjianeun bad will unconditionally Bluff Bluff says. I think that's the stereotype is doing. We hope that the posturing is indispensable. Bluff and bravado of shaking the confidence and joy when a friend shows dwitdama PEEL fun. = Description = numerous other nifty features, or to quote a proverb English in Hangul Version cacao Flick or e-mail can be sent by letter and so on. English is not good bluff. (Youngeojom pretend bluff is also.) Random or hand-delivered by sliding sideways can see sonjoyi Bonus Quote of President and 'Dokdo Korean land' Ali in the world can quote = I = ※ Caution needed for those : This application uses more than money and bravado to abandon family and friends enjoyed a frank and important people and overflowing humanism, the most important thing in life, the consciousness doese not live happily together! Were made with the intention that the free application described below is not a specific job than two applications that require a certain person is described. I really shudder to play the bluff geojitbureong nurse, 'I nurse', Cyworld 'best ㅋ Nightingale', 'poor man's dream and help me .. The bravado and self-hypnosis in the fall .. After a weekend club night ten thousand hoppa Inn spoiled young shoots two nursing assistants. Game programmers wanted to be a difficult game but the programming sy planners say their minds frankly admit nor bureowohamyeo just rush into the programmer and game designer eat chronologically older operators QA 3. I'm an artist, but the fact that shaking flatulence and to look to know Photoshop, 3D Max, plant extract, as a kind designer 4. I sell imported cars full of vanity, His Highness the dealers bluff 5. Tan said the plane dressed in uniforms that can speak English, but we'll find Bill Bluff charter flight attendant serving two weeks 6. Parents receive money and ate forage disconnect deutbojap graduated from college and extraordinary dream and passion for technology and human beings there is no surplus 7. The surplus was a man working day and Nate Flick or mijeunet using such a giggle, it pulled soon fell asleep after lunch, with open eyes honnago G seukeuroljil in the market are cheaper in price in ascending order and finance a small business (office assistant), 8. Contract or a secretary is a big bluff, but I have nine people. I took it back to roughly ten thousand shops peurogeuraemeoda programmers coding 3D Industry's ㅠ himdeuncheok, respected as a programmer Bluff jonkamek buryeotdeon game company sonjoy President of programmers 10 years. Furukawa troublemaking in billiards as a noryeoseo meokeungeo bluff with a straight face good guys yokmeokneun sonjoy Chairman 11. Sometimes I make stupid applications on boardroom boardroom while masquerading as an office, a huge business hagoitneuncheok (nolgomeokgojam 99 percent of work), employees have no intention to play the bluff sonjoy Chairman Chairman 12. Komuteundon courted customers as stupid applications owned a foreign car, pulled the money that you wasted your life been mistaken seonggonghannyang sonjoy Chairman 13. Sometimes by a Chinese fried rice, a convenience store, eating lunch ready meokneuncheok always get poor heoseburideon sonjoyihoejang contact a sympathy protest paenreteoneun kakaohtok: sonjoy

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