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    Created by Hani Al-Qasem

    Where would you rather be right now: working at a job you hate day after day, or would you much rather own your own business and have greater success in it?

    The question to ask yourself is: What do I like most about having a successful business?

    With this audio you will:

    * Believe in yourself and in your business abilities
    * Remain focussed no matter what to achieve success
    * Increase your value every day, and it shows
    * Allow every business success to fuel within you the desire for more success
    * Celebrate each business success no matter how small
    * Allow your business skills and self-confidence to grow every day

    Are these some of the benefits you want? Can you see the difference this audio will make in your business?

    How this audio works:

    This 20 minute audio works on your subconscious mind to bring about the desired outcome. It starts off at a high level, just above 'alpha', and slowly descends to the lower end of 'alpha' over 5 minutes, designed to calm you.

    It is then kept constant at this lower end of 'alpha' for 10 minutes; during that period, the affirmations are being delivered directly to your receptive subconscious mind while you remain in this relaxed state.

    What makes this and every 'The Choices I Make' series of audios super-effective is that you will hear the carefully worded affirmations in triplicate, using the accelerated learning technique.

    On top of that, we utilise the immense clout that lies behind the three words, "I choose to…" Your incredibly powerful subconscious mind more readily accepts the words, "I choose to…" than "I am…", thereby bringing about change much faster than by using the traditional two worded phrase.

    After the messages are finished, there will be a short gap before we slowly move up the frequency, gradually ascending back to a level just above 'alpha', over the remaining 5 minutes so you will be fully alert, energised and refreshed.

    Once the session comes to an end, you open your eyes and continue with the rest of your day.

    "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." - Buddha

    The way you think is critical in every aspect of your life.

    Hani Al-Qasem is a published author and personal growth specialist. His vision is to use his creativity and caring for others to inspire, motivate and support adults and children to be the very best that they can be by freely expressing their talents in a harmonious and loving way. He actively creates awareness of his vision through his writings that are published in various reputable online and offline publications, and through the life-transforming tools that he has created.

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