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    Fear Of Flying

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    Do You Have Fear of Flying?

    If you have motion sickness, popping ears or simply a disabling terror of getting on a plane then the advice in this new guide can help you get over it!

    Are you one of those people whose career or vacation time suffers because you can't handle getting on a plane?

    Do you have to drug yourself senseless with valium, lorezapam, Gravol or other anti-anxiety medications just to get to the airport?

    Then you need to read...
    *Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems*

    In Natural Treatments to overcome fear of flying I start off by addressing fear of flying and discuss every single aspect of it including --

    *Stories about famous people who share your fear of flying - those who got over it and those who have a reputation for being irrational because of it

    *How the media (newspapers and television) contribute to our fear of flying by making the absolute most of air-borne catastrophes

    *Why it is irrational to focus on the plane crashing rather than making it to its destination (which does happen millions of times a day)

    *The truth about your odds of actually being killed in a plane crash - even on the worst airline with the worst record it is 1 in 1.13 million and on the airline with the best record it is 1 in 8.47 million!

    *How watching movies about plane crashes contributes to our fears (for example -the odds of a plane crashing into the side of a mountain and bursting into flames are millions to one!)

    *How to develop a trust in the crew that is flying the plane

    *How to recognize if you have a true anxiety disorder that might actually having you fear other things as well as getting on planes and what to do about it

    *How to understand that anxiety is more about a fear of loss of control than a true rational fear of flying

    *How to recognize the physical symptoms of anxiety which include sweating, dizziness and abdominal cramps

    *How to train your mind to be more logical about getting on a plane

    *How to discipline your mind so that you think positive rather than negative thoughts

    *How to reprogram your mind to think more positively if your fear of flying is related to a former traumatic experience or if you associate it with sad situations like illness or bereavement

    *How to isolate the memories that may have triggered your psychological fear of flying and label them so they do not have so much power over your life

    *How journaling your fears might help you triumph over them

    *How breathing deeply can help you control your emotions

    *How a technique called progressive relaxation can help you manage the dread of getting on an airplane

    Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying Forever!

    The bottom line is, there is no need to suffer the anxiety and misery associated with flying any longer, nor is there any reason why you should turn to toxic medications the next time you get on a plane.

    By taking appropriate preventative steps and by using natural remedies you can deal the whole problem entirely holistically without the side effects of drugs!

    Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems is just a mouse click away! It is an instant download!

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