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    Feng Shui Eight Mansions 八 宅

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    Discover the world of Classical Feng Shui with Sabinsoft's Discover Eight Mansions - Ba Zhai (八 宅)

    Commonly called The Eight Mansions - Ba Zhai (八 宅), Ba Zhai School (八 宅) is considered as the school with the newer method of Classical Feng Shui (historians record the origin of this school for almost 300 years); however, their bases are directly related to the formation of Tradition San-He, established over 1000 years ago.

    In the Eight Mansions system, both people and the houses are divided into eight different types of energies in terms of the eight trigrams of Later Heaven Bagua.

    This is because the Eight Mansions system proposes that each of the eight cardinal directions has a kingd of different Chi from what both people and buildings react positively or negatively.

    With this system, we can determine our four-way positive and negative directions (or areas inside your home). This same system is used to determine the favorable and unfavorable home directions (Home version Ed. only).

    The object of the Eight Mansions is a person to know the compatibility with your home and then, by applying the five phases of qi (Sabinsoft's Discover Five Elements) achieve higher Chi in your life and / or work space to provide an environment suitable to generate a productive environment, good health, harmony and success converting you in a new person.

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