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    ★ ★ Galaxy in dark places required & private applications can now look in the mirror! Above and below the mirror on the principle remains the brightest parts of the image brightness to illuminate the face. Click image to change the picture. When you do this, use = = 1. At the movies I want to see in the mirror too dark to see the look in the mirror when there is no damn. (Start makin movies nomaeneoipnida) 2. Celebrex, which excited the person or the first blind date during the cab ride to leave the place dug his nose like snot on her face anxiety muteungeo'd like to see a mirror in the mirror can not see the cab was dark. ㅜ ㅜ 3. Palpitations after eating with people who are thrilled that he went the bathroom mirror while setting hair on my face this problem, what is there ㅋ check ankkyeotna restaurant was dark mirror, well I try anboilttae 4. My ass is delighted at last to see or did not want it too dark myth anboilttae 5. We're meeting in a dark bar with my face She's right, you wish to check yippeunji yeoksina = developers so far, I made a word = eopeuljung honestly I almost never use the application it is useful lol hit me I see that I use giteukham useful and easy. Good idea. Kikik ㅋ nimdeul the developers of the Gauguin rottoun Good luck. Fresh mirror saying suikgeumjung applications for some of Korea's IT industry development studio banjiha (not the full support .. ㅠ cheungjeongdo 0.8), handsome, cool, chairman and well-being in the office working to appease the hunger of a programmer used to cost a convenience store bento is. (giving a free small bottled water) to the application or complaint or reprimand any suggestions or questions or good ideas or information or the prototype or the Big Bang jjangguna huindungyina jeogeuna Terran ppasun or early 20s, full of bravado and campaign Yun anesthesiologist Muslims or Christians or Buddhists or atheists or Catholics or any other person, etc., please contact anyone here. Really busy but do have answers. Those who gave a good idea and a soccer ball and saengmakgeolrireul Sonjoy office visits will be off. Kakaohtok: sonjoy Email:

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