Flow of Love Meditation

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    Many long-time meditators call this the most powerful of all meditation exercises. We call it the ‘flow of love’ meditation.

    It draws on ancient breathing techniques that will actually energise and invigorate you; physically, mentally and spiritually. It is so powerful and fool proof that you will find within 7 days of ten minutes or more of practising the ‘flow of love’ massive improvements.

    Very simply, happiness comes from the flow of love. And the highest love comes from the giving and receiving of love to the most souls with the least conditions.

    Our spiritual strength comes from having many ways to enter the flow of love. We are spiritually weak when we know only a few ways to love.

    This app, this meditation exercise guides your breathing and asks you to visualise receiving love with gratitude from 3 sources - places, animals and people; then holding your breath and ‘being’ love and then breathing out and radiating love with appreciation.

    There is a picture playlist made up of 3 parts; places, animals and people. You can populate each of these parts with your own images, but it installs with a few to get you started.

    After specifying your total time of meditation, you can specify a meditation sound and in breath duration.
    There are various other settings you can specify including the ability to use your own music as background and the frequency of the guiding voice.

    We are sure you will love this meditation exercise. Please give it at least a week – you will love it.

    And stay tuned there are more releases coming..

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